Actually Useful Swaddling Advice

I recently flew back to the east coast to have my baby shower with my long time friends and family. I know, I know, we get a lot of unsolicited advice, I get it. However! My cousin recently had twins, so when I get advice from her, I really listen.


Aside from the usual, use muslin blankets and practice, practice, practice, I actually was given some great advice.

Your baby is going to spend a lot of time swaddled, well, if your plan is anything like mine at least. With your baby swaddled so often, how will they know a “it’s time to sleep” swaddle and a “I just want to keep you comfy and secure but it’s daytime” swaddle?

I’ll wait.


When you swaddle your little for the night, make sure this is the time you tightly swaddle. This will help your little one feel more secure and know that it’s time to sleep through the night. During the day, keep a looser swaddle while you carry them about. They’ll be secure but they’ll learn it’s not time for a deep sleep just yet.

What’s some advice you’ve received that actually seemed helpful?