Help Getting Your Infant on a Schedule

So you’re thinking about or currently trying to get your babe on a schedule, CONGRATS! When I started making that decision, it ended up being one of the best choices I made parenting wise. It’s hard knowing where to start to setting up a schedule unless you’re following an already set up system. The link below has helped me for many months!

Sample Schedules

In the above link, you choose the age of your baby then either bed time or desired wake time. At the very bottom you can even find a few helpful tips on what your baby is going through at this age. However, keep in mind all babies are different and your babe won’t fall in perfect line. My babe, for instance, has better naps when they’re spaced 3 hours apart.

Write below and let me know how it’s going and what else you’re using to help your babe get on a schedule!