25 Weeks Pregnant

Putting compression stockings on tires me out for the rest of the day…


My Favorite Pregnancy Workout Apps

What’s ringing in the new year without some ideas on how to try and make your year better? For me, like many, it’s getting my workout routine back on! It’s been harder with being pregnant to get into a workout routine (yes – here’s my list of excuses. Feel free to skip ahead) with being more tired, getting my job work done before my maternity leave and prepping to move.

Since I’m trying to save money for my upcoming unpaid maternity leave (I know, can you believe it?! Salary job and unpaid leave, but that’s not the point of this post), here’s the apps I’ve found to help me stay healthy:


  1. Daily Yoga
    These two routines are free! I previously had a membership for this app but I didn’t renew it this year. I’ve been trying to work on my mindfulness and flexibility last year, but yoga is also just really great to stretch out the aches and pains of pregnancy. These two programs mimic what I experienced at a prenatal yoga class I attended at my local yoga studio. While I LOVED the class and learned helpful tips from the instructor in person, this is a good runner up. I can’t commit to a membership when we’re looking to move and when trying to budget, it doesn’t make sense when I can do it at home.


2. Prenatal

There is a free trial version but I ended up spending the couple bucks for the full app (when moving from the trial to the paid version, you do have to redo the exercises to unlock the new ones). I was really into weight lifting before getting pregnant. However, when the first trimester kicked my butt (yes, another excuse), I traded my lifting gloves for a pillow and blanket. I became super out of shape and this app has AWESOME bodyweight exercises that will help prepare your body for what it needs to sustain during pregnancy and labor. I was so surprised when my massage therapist recommended a stretch I had done a few times on the app to help with my shoulder and neck aches. Clearly, I haven’t been too into my routine, but hope to fix that. I sometimes do these exercises in my apartment’s gym with some low weights, but that should be discussed with your doctor before starting.

Both of these apps could be apart of a well rounded, low impact pregnancy workout routine. I try to accompany them with 20 mins of walking or walking on a treadmill. While the routines are low impact and designed for us preggos, if you’re new to workout, talk with your doctor first and NEVER push yourself too hard.


What are your New Year’s resolutions or motivators to sustain your workout routines?