Why Over The Collar Bandanas Are My New Favorite

When I first started my Etsy shop, Juniper Leaves, I only had tie on bandanas. As I started gaining more followers on my shop’s Instagram, I realized many of my followers had their pups in over the collar bandanas. I was pretty stuck in my ways that tie on ways better, but started making over the collar options for customers. In doing this, we ended up with a few in our apartment. Soon, they became the only kind I make and buy for my pup now, here’s why:

1. It helps his CCD (Dog OCD)
My pup had developed Canine Compulsive Disorder where he will chase lights until he’s incredibly worked up (I’ll write more about this in another post). His CCD and his metal tags on his collar don’t mesh well. While he is microchipped, I still don’t like him going out without his collar which means I don’t always remember to take it off. The over the collar bandanas are AWESOME at covering his tags while he wears his collar. Fashionable and functioning 😉

2. Won’t lose them, especially on hikes
As long as his collar stays on, we don’t lose the bandana. I always love taking picks of him at the dog park and on hikes, we get awesome pics for our shop! I get too nervous to just leave the tie on ones on for fear of them getting loose and falling off. Back in the tie on days, I would carry the bandana until it was time for a picture, so time consuming and missed out on many cute candids. This way, we’re always camera ready!

What’s your favorite style of bandana and why is it your favorite?