My Must Have Infant Apps

My little man is already 12 weeks and I have no idea where the times gone. He shook the rattle on his own for the first time today! But where’s my little baby who could barely lift his head?!

In the last 12 weeks, here are the apps I’ve lived for!

1) Owlet

There’s mixed reviews for this monitor but I’ve had a positive experience with it. The monitor and base is $299 and the app is free unless you want to track the data. I basically just use the app to alert me if LM’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside the normal range or how much of a deep sleep he’s in. After watching his heart rate the last few months, I know he’s in a deep sleep once he’s around 110-125 bmp. I use this when I’m rocking him to sleep and put him in his co sleeper when he gets in that range. I can even turn the base on and off with my phone. Some people report trouble with false alerts and the monitor falling off the baby’s foot but I haven’t experienced any of that. **the connected care app is now free! It tracks heart rate, sleep and oxygen levels for you to view later**

2) Baby Tracker

SO HELPFUL FOR TRACKING EVERYTHING YOUR DR ASKS YOU ABOUT! Seriously. Download this rn. It times and tracks feedings (breast, formula and a mix of both), diaper changes, sleep and miscellaneous. There’s also a spot for notes. So simple and keeps everything in one place.

3) Rest

This connects to the Hatch light and sound machine. I’ll post later about light and sound machine settings. However, from the app you can turn it on/off, adjust the light and sound and set programs by the day.

4) 4moms

This is connected to my mommaroo swing. I can adjust the settings w/o walking over to the swing, lazy right?! It works for a number of their products.

5) OviaParenting

There’s also Baby Center, so that’s a preference. It’s just good to have some source of information that lets you know what your baby is currently going through.

6) BabySparks

This app gives you different exercises you can work on with your little to help them build the right muscles for their upcoming milestones. If your baby is working on rolling, crawling, walking, etc. some are free and there is the option to get more for a price.

7) The Wonder Weeks

YOU NEED THIS ONE! It uses your baby’s due date to identify fussy periods and when they’re going through ‘leaps,’ period of time when your baby will be exploring new concepts which might lead to fussiness/less sleep/clingiest/ etc. It’s been pretty spot on and helps with planning to go out if we’ll need more comfort items.

8) Sanity and Self

This has different exercises, physical and mental, to help get us mommas back to feeling like ourselves. You pick how long the exercises are, because we all know time is valuable. Some are free and some you have to pay for

9) 1 Second Everyday

This app wasn’t free but it’s so cute to have a compiled video of moments throughout your babies growth. Reflect on how much they’re changed in a week, month, year!

What are your can’t live without mom apps that I may have missed?!