The One Thing You Need To Do On Your Wedding Day

I know, I know. There are thousands of articles stating “The One Thing That’ll Make Your Wedding,” blah blah. I’m serious here though. You’re spending months making preparations for your one special day and this is something that will really help you savor the moment. I won’t lie, I stole this from my husband’s-best man’s wedding because it really did just make the whole day! 


Have I mentioned how obsessed with my dog I am? He’s definitely a spoiled only child right now.

We had a very DIY wedding, which meant A LOT of moving parts of our end. It was pretty crazy getting everything over to the venue, and I arrived an hour later than I had wanted (thankfully my day of coordinator was AMAZING!). Due to this, I was rushing around, to say the least. I also have the kind of personality where I can’t just sit back and relax, so this idea was extra essential.

Plan to go to the bridal suite, just you and your new spouse, after the ceremony AND EAT.

I planned this with my caterer and day of coordinator ahead of time, so everyone knew what was going to happen. But this simple idea solves two problems: the day going by really quickly and forgetting to eat at your wedding. My DOC delivered us drinks and food and we actually had a moment to ourselves. It was honestly the only time I got to sit down, besides during the toasts.

Yes, this means we had to do a first look and see each other before the ceremony. This caused my stomach to be in a knot for a few days, but the pictures ended up being so cute! We also did many of the bridal party and family pics before the ceremony. So after we ate some and got to sit with the reality of it being our wedding day, we ventured out for a few more pictures before cocktail hour ended.

If you’re still planning your wedding, TRUST ME! This is something you won’t regret fitting into your schedule.

What was something you did at your wedding that you would do again?



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